How to use grill mat?

1.You can put the grill Mat on the grill directly, or to cut the mat with scissors to fit the shape of grill as you need.

2.You can put the food the grill mat directly because the mat is non-stick, so no need drop the oil on the mat.

3.The mat will speed up the food to be heating, because the mat have a good thermal conductance. 

4.You can easily turn the meat, bread or other foods on the mat, because the mat is 100% non-stick to anything.

5.The grill mat can work well for long time during the temperature (-70~260℃).

6. Pls don't let the mat touch the fire directly (had better keep 10cm distance).

7. If the mat work the above the fire,pls don't worry as it won't catch fire,but will be out of shape, due to it's unable to be used next time.

8.After the barbecue,you can easily to wash the mat with soapy water or a soft sponge or kitchen paper.

9. The grill mat also is dishwasher safe, so you can put it into the dishwasher directly for convenient.




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