What is a grill mat used for?

In daily life, barbecue is something that every household has to do every day, but the grill is very wasteful and time-consuming during cleaning, use a tool that can be oil-free and stain-free to protect our grills. It is very necessary to clean, which is why we invented the grill mat.

In addition to oil-free and stain-free, the most important advantage of the grill mat is that it is resistant to high temperatures and can work continuously at 260 °C(500F). It‘s because the material of the grill mat itself is resistant to high temperatures.

The grill mat made of PTFE coated on the glass cloth, PTFE is a new material with  stable chemical property. Therefore, the produced grill mat has non-stick properties and high temperature resistance, which makes our grill mat can easily cooking oil food. After the barbecue, you don't need to clean the grill. Just need to wash the grill mat with soapy water. It's very convenient and save time. Using the grill mat will make our daily barbecue easier.




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