Grill Bag

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  • Grill Bag
  • Grill Bag
  • Grill Bag
  • Grill Bag
Grill BagGrill BagGrill BagGrill BagGrill Bag

Grill Bag

  • Brand: Changwei
  • Materials: PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric
  • Features:100% Nonstick, High Temp Resistant
  • Temp Resistance: -70°C to +260°C
  • Product description: Grill Bag
Description Of Grill Bag

Using our very handy Grill Bag to make meat ,sandwiches or other snacks leaving no mess in your Grill . Simply make food, place food  in the Grill Bag and with the opening uppermost, put the Grill bag on the Grill. After about several minutes, a perfect Grilled food will be ready. No fuss, no mess.

Using our Grill Bag you can make all kinds of sandwiches, heat wraps, samosas. pastries, sausage rolls, pizza slices, french fries, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, apple turnovers and even baked beans. Try also to crack an egg and pour the contents into a Grill Bag to produce a perfect poached egg, with no oil or fats.

Features and Advantages Of Grill Bag:

-100% Non-stick with excellent release ability;

-Re-usable numerous times and in multiple usages;

-Quick and convenient and Eco-friendly;

-Easy to clean, simply wash and dry between uses;

-Keeps food fresh, retains vitamins and minerals;

-Prevent crumbs and melted food from contaminating the grill;

-Complies with all food contact regulations and it is FDA and LFGB approved;