Mesh Grill Basket

  • Non-stick Mesh Grill Basket
  • Non-stick Mesh Grill Basket
  • Non-stick Mesh Grill Basket
  • Non-stick Mesh Grill Basket
Non-stick Mesh Grill BasketNon-stick Mesh Grill BasketNon-stick Mesh Grill BasketNon-stick Mesh Grill Basket

Non-stick Mesh Grill Basket

  • Brand: Wellflon
  • Materials: PTFE Coated Fiberglass Mesh
  • Features:100% Nonstick, High Temp Resistant
  • Temp Resistance: -70°C to +260°C
  • Product description: Non-stick Mesh Grill Basket

Mesh Size and Color Option Of the mesh for Non-stick Mesh Grill Basket:

Description Of Non-stick Mesh Grill Basket:

The Non-stick Mesh Grill Basket provides perfect thermal cycling around the food or chip. You don't need oil to compared to other traditional cooking methods; It's a clean and healthy way to cook. This Mesh Grill Basket has a well-sealed edge reinforcement that acts as an edge wall to make it easier to hold by hand and prevent any food contamination.


Features and Advantages Of Non-stick Mesh Grill Basket:

-100% non-stick, with excellent release ability;

- can be used for a long time;
- The open mesh recirculates the heat around the food for perfect cooking;
- Especially suitable for French fries and fried foods including fish;
- Microwave and traditional oven up to 260 ° C (500 ° F);
- Good sealing, easy to operate, inert and non-polluting;
- Easy to clean, just wash and dry between uses;
- Comply with all food contact regulations and obtain FDA and LFGB approval;

Regular Certificates Of Non-stick Mesh Grill Basket:


FAQ of Non-stick Mesh Grill Basket:

1. Is the product safe for food ?
It’s food grade, all material got approval of FDA and LFGB.
2. What’s main advantage of the mat compare with aluminum foil ? 
The mat is made of non-stick, heat resistant material, it’s non-stick with food and grill, temperature resist upto 260°C/ 500F. And most important it is can re-use. 

3.What are the mat made out of ?
It’s made out of PTFE coated with fiberglass fabric.

4.Do you have different color and size? 
Yes, we can discuss details by email.

5. Can we customize package with own logo?
Customized package is welcome, and only 500pcs min quantity request.

6. You have any Amazon FBA service expeirnce?
Yes, we send goods everyday.

7. Do you supply sample? How much will you charge?
Yes, no more than 5 pcs samples available, and you will need to pay shipping cost.

8. How long will it take to receive samples?
4-5 days.

9.Do you accept escrow payments or paypal?

10. How long will it take to manufacturer once an order has been placed?
It depends on qty and how to pack, normally 5-20 days, but really depend order details.

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